Building websites used to be part of my primary business, but I now do so only for particular folks (lucky you!). If you've found this page, I've either given you a direct link or you're very sneaky. The goal for the package described below is to provide a full-service solution with as few headaches for you as possible, ending with a smooth "hand off" and the ability for you to easily manage/update your own site. You may or may not require all of these items, so we'd discuss and customize the plan based on your needs.

The P45 Website Package

  • I purchase or transfer your chosen domain ( to the Squarespace platform for you (you pay $20/year).
  • I setup your email address(es) ( through Squarespace and Gmail (you pay $4-$5/month per address).
  • I setup your web hosting through Squarespace (you pay $12-$18/month).
  • You fill out a detailed questionnaire on your website goals, requirements, and look & feel.
  • I come to you to take website-related photography, use your existing photography, or purchase stock images if necessary.
  • I design a basic logo for you or use your existing one.
  • I design and build out all the pages for your website, typically 3-10 (home, about, blog, contact, products/services, event calendar, etc.).
  • I write new copy or use/edit your existing copy for the entire website.
  • You retain ownership of your domain, email address(es), and web hosting.
  • I train you on how to easily update your website and transfer all login details to you. You can always contact me for bigger site changes or we can work out an ongoing maintenance schedule.
  • I provide you with a Dropbox folder containing all your website imagery and associated files.
  • You can always contact me with questions or problems that arise.
  • You can always contact me for add-ons such as e-commerce, email marketing, packaging, business cards, signage, and other collateral.


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