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Nina Interlandi Bell

I am a digital marketer + branding consultant, OCD gardener, Maine homesteader and food experimentalist, with a dash of rock and roll cowboy. My laserlike focus and penchant for mission-hood make me prone to both fits of creative excitement and, occasionally, and overwhelming urge to do everything.

I work as a Marketing Communications Manager for MarketingProfs, and I consult with a curated roster of small business clients through Parallel 45.

Why Parallel 45? My family has spent summers on the same spot in northern Michigan for over 150 years, which happens to fall directly on the circle of latitude known as the 45th parallel north. When I was growing up, various branches of my family also found themselves either living or regularly visiting other places along this latitude in Oregon, Maine, and France. It became a sort of symbol for us, a mysterious circular magnet that we found ourselves drawn to and represented by. And this, after all, is what we humans are good at: seeking out meaning. In this vast ocean of a world, finding patterns and connections is how our brains make sense of things. We all want to be known. My creative process is best described as a method of cartography, wherin I discover essential truths for my clients and map a sense of meaning.

After years spent working with small businesses and running my own, I have a pretty good sense of what small business owners need. I know what it's like to want a few things taken off your plate, and I understand the value of responsive, reliable work. The Branding and Marketing services you see here are the most frequently requested and are intended to provide a sampling of what we can build together. I would love to hear from you about unique projects and what you'd really like from a creative partner.

I grew up in Nashville, went to school in New York, moved to Chicago, and now live and work from a 225-year-old farmhouse in Maine (Oh hey! We have an AirBnB now) with my husband, 6-year-old son, 1-year-old daughter, 3 cats, 2 horses, 8 chickens, and some assorted wildlife. Not quite on the 45th parallel, but close enough.



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(I practiced this signature for 20 years because "Plan A" was to be a rockstar.)