Although technically I was the Art Director for a packaging company back in Chicago, my unofficial title was "VP of Gift Wrapping." Even spouses of co-workers brought in their unwrapped gifts for me to adorn with perfectly creased corners, coordinating sashes, and the latest bow-making techniques. It's fair to say I dig presentation. And if you've got products to sell, things to ship, or correspondence to maintain—you should too.

The whole world is trying to tell you what you must have as a small business, but you need to prioritize. Nobody has to know that you're a little behind on your accounting or you social media strategy. But you only get one shot at a first impression. Get that right, and the other stuff will fall nicely into place. At some point. (Right?)


The more I stare at your creation, mesmerized, the more I’m just floored. Your attention to detail is amazing.
— Seed to Serum