Work at Parallel 45 is driven by three core beliefs about what good design is:

Essential. Priorities are individual, but I will tell you two universal truths no matter who you are: 1) You do actually have to floss, and 2) You get what you pay for. Sure, you can get a logo for twenty bucks. Your logo will look like twenty bucks, and anyone who is worth more than twenty bucks will know that you see minimal value in your first impression. I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. When you invest in good design, you invest in yourself. And that, more than anything, is what will convince others to invest in you.

Transformative. I see myself as "the great distiller." My most outstanding talent is sifting through a disparate fog of ideas, meanings, and images and arriving at the truth. This isn't a fancypants version of the truth. I don't believe your essence needs to be changed or overdressed. My passion is to discover that radiant nugget of purpose and transform it into a compelling, powerful visual. This process is illuminating. Good design, whether it is of graphics, information, or language, unearths who you are and becomes who you want to be.

Sustainable. It's no secret that I strive to live and work in balance. I am responsible for maintaining a good life for my family, furthering my artistic growth, and respecting within and without. I must also create concepts and solutions with my clients from which they can continue to evolve. Good design is not static, and it is more than merely reflective. It is anticipatory. My goal as a designer and, in fact, as a human, is to discover intentional ways to inhabit the world. To learn, exhange, and preserve. be a little bit of a cowboy.



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